Powers Family Web-Sites

 When we first compiled this list around 2000 we had links to up to 50 different Powers families.  Over the years many of these family websites have disappeared or moved so we now have just 10 or so that work.  We've kept all the linkns, even the broken ones, just in case anyone finds the new addresses.


Web Site


Steve Powers from England (Site owner)

UK Powers at Legoland News & information on the UK Powers! Vote for the best Powers goalie - Sebastian or Eric - both 10 years old !!

Bill Burgoyne

Superb site tracing back the Neal Family to the 1720's.  Alice Neal was my grandmother, Roly Powers's wife.  Bill also traced the Powers line back to 1784.  Sadly Bill passed away a few years ago but his website lives on!

John Powers

Horsebreath Socity - dancing in the fields John R. Powers III - Horsebreath Society HQ - A good site with lots of nice photos. Slightly mad - in a nice way! Can I join, John?

John & Lori Powers from Rochester.

Eric the Goalie Brilliant site from John & Lori with lots of amusing links - well worth a visit - check out Eric's goalkeeping

Terry Powers from Lewis, Kansas, USA

Beanies Terry was born in Texas, raised in Gage Oklahoma and  now lives and work in Lewis, Kansas - a small rural town in Edwards County.

Chris & Co Powers from Arizona

Powers Stained Glass Manufacturing Stained Glass - join Chris, John, Tony, Rita and Grace. Nice site.

John Robert Powers Schools

Modelling Schools Internationally renowned modelling schools.

Chuck Powers from Milwaukie

Chuck Powers Chuck and family live in Milwaukie. Good site with nice family photos. Chuck's hobby is trains.

George Powers & Powers Accounting

Jingle BellsNow the website of Powers Accounting the address was originally used for the family of George, Alexa, Cynthia & Danielle. Probably not the same George but nice picture nonetheless!

Powers Family from Westfield Massachessets

Powers Excellent site tracing the story of Michael Powers' journey from Ireland in 1850.


Ian Stanley from England Excuse MeIan is descended from Powers family from Warwickshire so possibility of connection with Steve Powers.
 Michael Powers  Michael Powers of Mount Buckfast.Mike
Mary Powers Mary MaryMary Powers is looking for her family - the Geers! Come on Mary! What's wrong with the Powers?
Byron Powers from Alexandria, VA GraphicOriginally from Salem County, New Jersey you'll find a good account of this family.
 Patricia Power from New Brunswick, Canada So .. who wants to live in Canada anyway? Okay ... a "Power" not a "Powers" but its included for the interesting details about Pat's forebears.
McCabe Powers Historical Museum of St Louis McCabe PowersExcellent story of the Company who built wagons and cars for over a century
James Powers from Tampa Bay, Florida. Florida Setter Rescue Home"Everything you ever wanted to know about us and Jesus Christ our Savior" and their dogs.

Christopher Powers from St Louis

ChrisChris Powers, internet advice and cats. (Chris is author of the McCabe Powers site.)

Claremce Powers from Frostburg, USA

BeaniesAnna and Clarence Powers, lived in the Western Maryland town of Frostburg.  Clarence was a coal miner for the Consolidated Mine Company. 

Steve, Julie, Jayne & Greg Powers from the USA

Beanies Steve, Julie, Jayne and Greg Powers are selling Beanie Babies, Teddy Bears & Bronzes. Well worth a look.

Fred Powers from California

Graphic Fred, Lyn, Michelle, Holly and Jennifer live in the San Francisco Bay area of California.

Graham Powers from Virginia

Excuse Me Graham is a Doctor who practises in Virginia.

Powers Family

Blank Family Pictures.

Jeff & Tammy Powers from Detroit

Jeff & Tammy, along with Lindsay & Spencer just moved to Detroit from San Fransisco and the winters are COLD!

William Powers of Greensboro, North Carolina

Bill has put together a very impressive list of the descendents of Joseph Powers (1760-1840).

Harvey Powers of Virginia

Harvey's looking for his family. Well, he was in 1995 anyway! Mind you, he's traced things back to 1681 !

Powers Reunion

Powers Family Reunion in July 98. Looks like we missed it - but maybe next time!

Popcorn available here

Trick or Treat Mr Powers works for NIOSH and sells Popcorn. The kids go trick & treating.

The Sky Marshall from Duluth Minnesota (Alternative address)

Moose head Great site with lots of interest - links to other "Powers" sites - watch out for the wounded moose or you may need to see Dr P!

Joanne Powers from Wilmington

Judo Joanne (Mum) and Jamie Lee, Shawn, Scott & Steven from Wilmington, New England. All into Jujitsu.

Konrad Powers

Konrad Konrad offers 3D consultancy advice.

Radio Hams from Tenessee

Radio Hams Ultra keen radio operators

Wyman & Janie Powers from Texas.

Archery is a pastime of this family ... so meet with Wyman, Janie, Tim, Misty Shyann, Fletch & Meesha.

Matt Powers

Bad Hair Day Matt Powers and lots of family photos. Bad Hair Day? You ain't seen nothing yet!

Winston & Glenda Powers

Holocost Museum Striking pictures from Winston & Glenda - Holocaust museum photographs - truely moving images.

Power Family

Excuse Me Once again, Power, not Powers ... but an extensive site for this name.

Theresa Powers

Graphic Theresa's search for her family. (Theresa's web-site may also have got a little lost!)

Phil & Patty Powers

Patti Family pictures from these folks - take a look at the "twins"!

Chuck & Dottie Powers

Autumn Wreath Very pretty site demonstrates Dottie's skill with the needle and Chuck's buck skinning abilities

Powers Family

Water Valley Family Come on in and enjoy their site and meet the kids, Bonnie, Jessica, Tori & Ben!


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